I am a cab driver from Tucson, married to a Mexican woman. I write poetry and prose and have been published in the small press for almost 2 decades. Please look around.

Friday, August 26, 2011


This poem was published in the latest Main Street Rag:


I used to work for a collection agency
so I know: you invent a code name
and sit at a desk with a headset and dial
hundreds of telephone numbers each day
to try to find people and convince them
to pay old defaulted bills plus interest.
My technique was to lever on their
loved ones, religion, to come down hard
on morality, duty, guilt, etc. Anyway,
now it’s years later and some collector
who calls himself “Eric” has been looking
for me. He phoned my boss. I called him back.
“You found me, Eric,” I said, “you’ve
earned your seven bucks an hour.” “I
try,” he said. He was a laid back, good-cop
kind of guy, a pal, a technique I never
cared for. It was an old loan: eight grand.
“I’ll pay you 25 bucks a month,” I said.
“200 is as low as it goes,” he said. “Sure,
Eric,” I said, “I’ll give you 50 dollars
a month.” “150,” he said, “Now I’m already
breaking policy.” “85,” I said. “Let me
talk to my supervisor,” he said. “By the
way,” I said, “how’d you find me?” “I
Googled you,” he said, “I found out you
were a writer and a taxi driver in Tucson,
then I called all the taxi companies.”
“Pretty good,” I said. “Thank you,” he said.
“By the way,” I said, “I don’t make a penny
for the writings.” “Don’t worry,” he said,
“I believe you.” There was a small silence
before he put me on hold so he could
go talk to his stupid supervisor.


  1. yet another job i hope i never have to take.

  2. The truly sad thing is that you feel no responsibility for the 8 grand in debt you have incurred but chose not to pay. Tell me - how do you justify the theft of 8 thousand dollars? If this is a gov loan you are just stealing from us all. If it is a private loan you are stealing from a company and its investors. In any case you have committed theft and have little room to snark about a guy just doing his job.